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Music and The Subconscious

Music and The Subconscious: Ten Ways Music Is Affecting You, Whether You Know It Or Not

By Guest Author – December 23, 2016

Music can do miraculous things and much of its work is done in the subconscious realm. It can make its listeners feel better, forget worries, lift our spirits and more. Following are ten ways that music and the subconscious engage in their cosmic dance.

1) Music Changes Your Way of Thinking

Is it possible that thought can be influenced by sound? A recent study found that specific chords and harmonies in music are able to evoke specific mental states.



2) Music Gives You Energy

Is there scientific proof that listening to music while working out can give you more energy? This home-study claims that music provides rhythm to thoughts and that listeners of music gather motivational energy to complete difficult tasks that otherwise appear as too challenging to us.

3) Music Soothes The Heart

Medical research is now showing that music has soothing capabilities for the physical body’s central organ, the heart. This study found that a repeated 10-second rhythm coincided with a fall in blood pressure, reducing the heart rate and thus can be used for overcoming hypertension.

4) Music Fights Depression

Every fan of music wants some emotional support and therefore, he or she turns to music in order to regulate raw emotions that stem out of some pain. Listeners describe experiences of releasing emotional distress while listening to relaxing music. If you feel hopeless and stressed out, music offers you a source of healing. If you just allow yourself to listen to fast music then your mental condition improves instantaneously.

5) Music Influences Your Emotional State

Music permits you to seek out new sources of happiness and you find less reason to be sad. Music improves your ability to be happy as well.

6) Music Makes You Creative

Creativity is the process of identifying new possibilities by converging different factors. Music makes you more creative by relaxing your body and brain. In focusing on music, the brain relaxes in certain areas and opens the awareness of various creative possibilities.

7) Music Enhances Your Memory

Relaxed body and mind act together to make your body function in an improved fashion and the effects on memory have been measurably noted. Utilizing music with certain memory exercises, you may be able to strengthen your memory.

8) Music Reduces Physiological Pain

Music enables its listeners to experience happiness and therefore, sense of physical pain registers at a much lower degree. Music fights physical pain as well. However, physiological pain reduces marginally due to music therapy and it does not in any case provide substitute to conventional medicine.

9) Music Helps in Identifying Your Personality

Psychologists identify your personality on the basis of your musical preferences. Lovers of classical and slow music like to live in solitude and they have introvert personalities. However, followers of fast music register as extroverts most of the time.

10) Music Makes You More Social

Music tends to inspire you to pursue happier life and therefore, you become capable of spreading love. Music lovers tend to have more friends and go out more than people who do not listen to music, according to a recent study.


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