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Ottawa Hills Local Schools

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The Green Bear Ball was decorated with a musical theme.

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Music extended even to the centerpieces.

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An item available in the auction was an appearance from Mr. & Mrs. Claus.

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Steinway Artist Pierre Fracalanza providing live music on the Steinway SPIRIO.



On Saturday, April 21, 2018, Ottawa Hills Local Schools held their biennial fundraising event, the Green Bear Ball, created to raise funds for special projects within the district. Ottawa Hills decided that this year, the major portion of the proceeds would go toward the purchase of pianos.

While the school currently has pianos, many were donated in the past from homes in the area and not made to withstand the daily use of a school music department. Several of the existing pianos were in need of major repairs and the repair of an already outdated instrument was not cost-effective.  This project would add value to the educational experience of every child in the school district, in the form of music classes, performances, guest artists, and rehearsals.

To help the district reach their financial and musical goals, Steinway Piano Gallery of Detroit provided live music at the Green Bear Ball by Steinway Artist Pierre Fracalanza. He performed on the Steinway SPIRIO piano, the world’s finest high resolution player piano. The Green Bear Ball was a great success, raising enough funds to purchase a Steinway B for the high school stage and a new Boston vertical piano. The pianos will be delivered in time for the new school year.


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