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St. James Catholic Church

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November 15th was a big day for St. James Catholic Church in Novi, Michigan. A brand new Rodgers 361 Infinity organ was installed, replacing the 1993 Rodgers organ, which was in need of repair. The purchase was initiated by Pierre Fracalanza, Music Director of St. James, who desired a newer model with more advanced features and an extensive tonal color palette. This 3-manual organ is the “cream of the crop” with its unprecedented level of quality, comfort and convenience. It features a 16-channel audio system with an antiphonal.

“The Rodgers Infinity is unmatched in versatility. In a fine acoustic environment, it sparkles with sound detail with rich presence and sonic placement. In a challenged acoustic environment, the Rodgers’ voicing and digital effects compensate easily for room defects. The organ handles an incredible variety of organ literature utilizing an uncompromised selection of ranks, all sampled with the same high definition.  Alternate organ tunings further add to the styles of music easily produced by this instrument.” – Pierre Fracalanza

Pierre also commented that the organ is perfect for any setting.

“With very few options offered, the Infinity offers anything a modern organist might need whether playing early music or accompanying a praise band. The console is luxurious and versatile. It’s an unforgettable experience to play the Rodgers Infinity. It does so many things well.  It brings out the potential of any musician who plays it while producing an enhanced audio experience wherever it is installed. When I demonstrate the Infinity, the typical response is, “That’s Amazing”. – Pierre Fracalanza


St. James Catholic Church


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