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Let’s chat about used pianos. We’re not always the first place people buy their pianos, but we are almost always the last. Don’t get us wrong, we’re not complaining. We’re blessed to be the Steinway dealer. But when a player decides to buy their last piano the search is rarely about what piano are they going to trade up to, but rather which Steinway are they going to trade up to.


So it seems like every time someone buys a piano from us, they have one to trade. These trade-ins are usually well-maintained uprights and grand pianos from all manufacturers. We run them through our shop, make sure they are concert ready, and sell them with a warranty and a 10 year trade-up guarantee.


That says that if you do well and decide that you want to get your last piano, we’ll credit your entire purchase price back when you trade up. It’s kind of like putting money in a savings account so that someday you will have a Steinway. Sometimes we have so many used piano that we run out of room.


So they’re all sold at great savings, often well below market value. It is not unusual for us to have 50 to 75 used pianos in stock and the inventory changes all the time. Let us know what you are looking for. We will send you a list of pianos to fit your needs.


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