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Why the Steinway Family of Steinway-Designed Pianos?

Here are the most important considerations:

o   Steinway is the overwhelming choice of music faculty, students, professional pianists, and musicians all over the world.

o   Your school is aligning itself with one of the most recognizable trademarks of quality in the world and with the most prestigious music schools and institutions in the world.

o   Your school is investing in an appreciating asset.

o   Fine performance, rehearsal, and classroom pianos from Steinway will attract more and better music students, musicians, and faculty to your school.

o   No other piano provides the range of artistic expression that can be found at the Steinway piano.

o   Your piano repair and maintenance expenses will be reduced.

o   Decision makers are leaving a legacy by purchasing a piano from Steinway & Sons.

Steinway pianos are manufactured in New York City, right here in the United States of America.  Steinway factory tours can be arranged for administration, faculty, alumni, students, and potential donors who can see and experience the factory where the world’s finest piano is built.



With nearly 25 years of experience working with colleges, universities, and other institutions, our Higher Education Institutional Director is eager to help you and your school manage and improve your piano inventory.  A pianist himself, Wilbur has a B.S. in Music Education from Kent State University in Ohio and a Master’s in Church Music from Southern Seminary in Louisville, KY.  He has taught music in both public and private schools and worked in church music ministry.

Searching for a piano should be interesting and enjoyable, but if you are like most college professors, pianists, or piano teachers, you are already busy with your normal responsibilities and activities.  Whether you need one piano or many, Wilbur can guide you through every step of the process of finding the perfect piano for your teaching studio, recital hall, classroom, or practice room.  You will find the experience to be interesting, rewarding, and just plain fun!



For a music department in a college or university, the piano is the most basic of equipment.  In their years of formal study, every music student, regardless of their major instrument, will spend hours at the piano.  Yet often the state of the piano inventory is at best “unknown” and at worst old, worn, and even dangerous.  Frequently, the piano faculty is expected to somehow be aware of the condition of the fleet of pianos and keep them going.  This can be dozens or even hundreds of instruments; a daunting task for anyone!

Imagine a document at your fingertips where you can see the brand, age, condition, placement, use, and value of every piano on campus!  Steinway & Sons offers such a program.  With a phone call to 248-560-9200 or an email to [email protected], you can find out if your college or university qualifies for this comprehensive service.



Do any of the following statements apply?

  • The average age of our pianos exceeds 20 years
  • Our concert instrument is inadequate for the performance space
  • Our pianos don’t stay in tune, even after being serviced
  • Some of our pianos have fallen into disrepair
  • I cannot recall the last time we purchased a piano
  • Our music faculty has expressed concern over the general quality of our pianos
  • I am unsure about the current condition and value of our pianos
  • We have an immediate need for one (or many) pianos

Steinway & Sons is at your service to help you formulate a plan that can be as simple as adding one piano to your fleet or as detailed as a 5 – 10 year replacement plan to improve and upgrade your entire piano inventory.  By planning ahead, you can help your school avert a major piano crisis where numerous pianos need to be replaced all at once.  Your purchasing department will thank you!



Investing in new pianos can be expensive and funding for piano purchases often comes partially or entirely from sources outside a school’s regular budget.  While fundraising to purchase “pianos” can be very difficult; fundraising for “Steinway pianos” is always easier.  With a name and quality recognition like Steinway, donors know that they have endowed a significant legacy that will appreciate over time and be enjoyed by generations to come.  We have some great ideas to share about raising funds for piano purchases.  Another way to purchase pianos is Steinway’s Lease to Own Program.  To receive your copy of “Keys to Sound Success, A Fundraising Guide,” or Steinway’s Lease to Own Program, email our institutional director, [email protected].



Most music department deans, chairs, piano faculty members, and professors have never had the opportunity to take a course or attend a seminar on “Piano Inventory Management.”  Other than your building itself, your fleet of pianos is probably the most valuable property or equipment for which you are responsible.  At Steinway Piano Gallery, we have the experience to help you with every facet of your piano inventory.  Here are just a few of the questions that we can help you answer:

  • How do I find a qualified piano technician? Should they be full time?  Part time?  How much do I need to pay them?
  • How can I be sure that my best pianos are in the most important places in the department?
  • What do I do with old, worn out, or even dangerous pianos?
  • How often should my pianos be tuned? Serviced?  What spare parts do I need to keep?
  • How do I decide how many and what pianos (models) are appropriate for our new building that is under construction?
  • I need new pianos desperately but I’ve been told that they are expensive and there is no funding for them. What can I do?
  • I’ve been asked to provide a long-term piano upgrade and replacement program to the school. Where do I start?

We want to help you with these and any other piano-related questions you may have!  Contact us at [email protected] or 248-560-9200.


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