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Programs We Offer

Inventory Management:

Do any of the following statements apply?

o   The average age of our pianos exceeds 20 years

o   Our concert instrument is inadequate for the performance space

o   Our pianos don’t stay in tune, even after being serviced

o   Some of our pianos have fallen into disrepair

o   I cannot recall the last time we purchased a piano

o   Our music faculty has expressed concern over the general quality of our pianos

o   I am unsure about the current condition and value of our pianos

o   We have an immediate need for one (or many) pianos

Steinway & Sons is at your service to help you formulate a plan that can be as simple as adding one piano to your fleet or as detailed as a 5 – 10 year replacement plan to improve and upgrade your entire piano inventory.  By planning ahead, you can help your school avert a major piano crisis where numerous pianos need to be replaced all at once.  Your purchasing department will thank you!

Fundraising Programs:

Think a new piano isn’t in the budget? We’ve got you covered. Steinway has developed six fundraising programs that have proven successful time and time again. Click the “Let’s Get Started” link to request your free fundraising guide.

Student & Family Events:

We want to give students and their families opportunities to enjoy music together. Join us for our open mic nights and take advantage of an opportunity to perform alongside professional, world-class musicians. Click the “Let’s Get Started” link to see upcoming events geared towards families.

Professional Development:

Professional development is invaluable. That’s why we partner with local universities and music professionals to provide bi-annual professional development opportunities for local educators to take part in. Find out when the next development day is taking place. 

Classroom Collaborations:

Would your students be interested in the science of sound and how that science affects the design of a piano? We’ll come to your classroom and present a hands-on demonstration! 

Or, learn how a Steinway piano is made. Steinway & Sons has a rich, exciting history of art, innovation, and craftsmanship. Your class can take a field-trip to our store to see how a Steinway piano is made, and you’ll also be able to see and touch the different components on these instruments.


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