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The Arts Academy at Steinway Piano Gallery

Arts Academy at Steinway Piano Gallery


Piano Lessons

Private Piano Lessons (ages 4 – adult)

  • Private piano lessons are available for both the beginner and the college-level pianist.
  • Instructors create a fun and safe learning environment, utilizing musical styles like classical, pop, jazz and boogie-woogie.
  • Instructors use an individualized teaching approach to meet the student’s goals.
  • On average, private piano lessons are approximately $30 per half hour lesson, billed monthly. Materials are an additional charge, to be determined by the teacher.

Group Piano Lessons for Kids (ages 3 – 10)

  • Music for Young Children consists of movement, note-reading, and fun musical exercises.
  • Children who complete the most advanced level of MYC training are well prepared for early intermediate piano studies or study of another instrument.
  • Fall classes are broken into three 13-week semesters at $306.30 per semester (roughly $23.50 per week). A $165 material fee supplies the student for one year.


Voice Lessons (all ages and levels)

  • Bilingual vocal coaching in English and Spanish for vocalists
  • Concentration on breathing skills, vocal exercises, air focus, diction, sight singing, solfeggio, theory, dynamics, interpretation and memorization.
  • Weekly lessons are $30 per half hour or $60 per hour, billed monthly. Materials are an additional charge, to be determined by the teacher.

Organ Lessons (all ages)

  • Instructor offers a customized teaching approach, based on the student’s goals.
  • Instructor has extensive experience working with children and adults with ADHD, ADD, and autism.
  • Weekly, private lessons are $30 per half hour, billed monthly. Materials are included.


Private & Group Art Lessons: (ages 4+)

  • Students will learn to draw, paint and sculpt subjects of their choice. There is no set curriculum, but students choose their own subjects per project.
  • Everyone is invited to explore and HAVE FUN!
  • Four-week private lessons are $125 per month. Small group classes with 2 to 4 students are $85 per month. Art kits are available for $35, but materials may be purchased a la carte.

Other Art Opportunities:

  • Birthday Art Parties: $6 per hour, per guest. (Minimum 2 hours/8 painters).
  • Art Camps(Ages 5+): Offered periodically during the summer and school break periods. Call Hannah Frantz at 248-560-0366 for the camp schedule.
  • Kids Night Out: Offered select Fridays from 5:30-8:30. Pizza & water served.
  • Home-school Art Days: $7 per artist. Offered select Wednesdays from 10:30-12:00.

Music & Child Development:

Music Makes You Smarter …

Musical activities stimulate development in every area of the brain: vision, balance, speech, behavior, sensation, skill, movement and emotion. The list below gives just a few of the benefits of playing a musical instrument.

  • Music rewards the brain: Music stimulates the brain regions involved in rewards and emotion. The result? It’s a fun mental exercise that improves your self-esteem.
  • Music improves listening skills: Kids that study music are better at picking up foreign languages and detecting speech in noise – even if they only studied briefly, long ago.
  • Music improves productivity: Studies show that kids involved in music have better reading skills, know their math and tend to be brighter. SAT takers that studied music scored 47 and 43 points higher on their verbal and math tests, respectively.
  • Music makes you nicer: Kids hooked on music are better team players, less aggressive and more cooperative with teachers. There are fewer fights, racism and hurtful sarcasm in schools with good music programs.
  • Music helps you grow up: Learning music enables kids to better express their ideas, accept criticism and improves their critical thinking and problem solving.
  • Music improves dedication: A staggering 96% of school principals agree that music education encourages and motivates students to stay in school.



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