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Tuning And Restoration

We Service What We Sell…

  • Piano tuning
  • General maintenance / repairs
  • Action replacement / refurbishing
  • Regulation and voicing
  • Steinway factory restoration
  • Insurance repairs
  • Estimates and appraisals

The most misunderstood and often misleading terms in the piano industry are the words rebuilt piano. Most often the variations in the type of work performed, the materials used and the workmanship provided are so varied that the term has little meaning. Since 1977, we have been consulting with clients in Michigan and NW Ohio regarding the viability of piano restoration and what is involved. Give us a call before you make any decision on “rebuilding” or purchasing a piano that is represented as a “rebuilt piano.”

And if all you need is general piano maintenance, we have reputable technicians who can help you with that sticky key, hanging damper or the soft pedal that just ain’t “softing”. We assign technicians based upon your specific service needs, ensuring the issue is addressed to the highest possible standard.



Need A Technician?

Michelle Griffin, Service Coordinator at Steinway Piano Gallery, can provide you with a reputable technician who can address all your service needs. Contact Michelle at [email protected].

Considering Rebuilding?

If you have questions relating to piano restoration or are considering rebuilding a piano you own, click the link below and we will provide you with some perspective on the process.

Don’t Let Your Steinway Become A Stein-WAS

An improper restoration can destroy a piano. Visit our Restoration Used Guide Onscreen to see how you can prevent making a bad investment.


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